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Just a flash update on Ultimate SEO LLC. In July we were awarded a grant for redesigning our site and using local contractors by the Metro Louisville Covid Relief Grant administered by Louisville Forward. Another 800+ businesses were awarded these grants that were meant to serve as a lifeline to local businesses.

The grant though is yet to be useful now 6 months later as only a third of it was ever funded, despite the grant period requiring all funds to be spent by Dec. 30 2020. Ultimate SEO is unlikely the only organization left hanging by the Louisville Forward grant.

The reporting requirements seem to be impossible for the city to actually review. I submitted an initial report on Sept 5 2020 and only the last week of December did they request about 60 additional pages to the already 30 page report. If we consider the average report being 90 pages and 800 businesses must report twice that amounts to 144,000 pages of documents. If a team of auditors is able to work through 10 companies a week it may take another year and a half before these “vital” grants get out to provide needed relief…or in other words…probably many of the at risk businesses will have closed before the grant is funded.

So this grant fiasco has impacted the Ultimate SEO site causing incomplete work, project over runs and draining capital that was not available to be drained.

So I apologize for the site’s loss of connectivity and the lack of progress. We’re still waiting to see if the grant will come any time soon.

Once funded we hope to address some issues, that is if all the funds are not eaten up by late fees and penalties. Tip …. when the city gives you a grant, don’t consider it income or revenue. You have no ideal when it will actually happen.

Matthew Leffler

More on the Grant Program… https://www.bizjournals.com/louisville/news/2020/11/13/heres-how-much-louisville-has-given-businesses-in.html

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