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From Matthew Leffler, Managing Director

We’re proud of Ultimate SEO LLC and the diverse experience our business was founded from, which is why we joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and became a certified LGBTBE.

To become a certified NGLCC business visit Get-Certified.

Our local chapter Civitas, which we are a member provides local networking and support in Louisville, KY.

Why bring sexuality up when we’re talking business? Because it is already at the forefront, it could be family photos on desks, invites to bring your spouse to the company party and even dealing with prejudice.

Its 2020 and even just this year a client told me not to mention my partner because she said he would fire me if he knew I was gay. He is the CEO of a large company and while I didnt bring up my life I also can’t hide in a closet after years of fighting for equality.

As a NGLCC clients may receive certain benefits from governements and other organizations that seek to build a diverse connection of vendors.


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