In a presidential election, 40-some years from now: Candidate Adolf Shitstain McHannibalLecter may have committed a little tax fraud, money laundering, grand theft auto, methamphetamine dealing, first-degree serial murder, genocide, and treason, he might have blown up the entire state of Delaware as a science project, and he might have built a doomsday device and […]

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The first of September’s Patreon bonus strips is up, and y’all voted for Jocelyne!  (it was up a few days ago actually, but this space was busy promoting my CXC2018 table)  Any Patron can go log on to the Dumbing of Age Patreon and go check out her strip.  There’s also a cat! also i […]

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Yeah, this is fair, but considering A: everything Regalli said, and also B: that, on top of all her other corner-cutting, she broke up with Walky in order to be less distracted, it feels remarkable to me that she’d so casually give time to Joyce. I mean, I’m always glad to see them interact, it’s […]

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